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Benefits of Buying a Used Car

The choice to buy a new car or go for a pre-owned car can give you a headache. New vehicles come with latest style, low interest rates, exciting tech features but when it comes to the budget it may not be the friendliest choice for you. That is why we will look at an overview on some used-car wisdom that might help you make a good choice on the same.

One, pre-owned vehicles are much cheaper. The value of a new car drops once it is taken out of the showroom and driven around. On average it will be worth 54% of the original price after three years only. Well this is bad Therefore the average cost of a second-hand car is below that of a new model and that’s not all. Moreover to insure a used car and the cost of taxes involved would be much cheaper. Don’t however, forget to check on distance and mileage point as well as the warranty as this will impact on the cost of maintenance.

Financing rates and terms is another issue. For brand new models, there are financing deals which are attractive. Don’t be carried away and forget to do the math though. The growth of certified programs on pre-owned goods has almost bridged the gap. The companies give lower rates, vehicle inspections that are extensive and also a bonus on an extended warranty. Thus the advantage of new cars keeps waning due to the unique and attractive financing options that come with used cars.

Another thing is the history reports of the vehicles. The fact that you may not know where a used car may have been or what it may have been through is an unsettling factor. Do not be in worry however since there is a way to rack the history report of the car you are interested in by using reliable tools like CarProof. This way you get to know exactly what it is that you are dealing with. Even though history reports may not have every bit of information, you will get the essentials to settle your doubts. The critical information you need includes; previous owner(s), accident history records, mileage and distance records, as well registration status.

Lastly the issue of reliability comes in. It is natural to feel unsure about the reliability of a pre-owned vehicle. It is quite settling to know that research has shown that your average car being driven out there is over a decade old, and this number will go up because companies keep on enhancing their models. Vehicles like SUVs, trucks and modern models last longer so it’s beneficial if you are looking topurchase a prowned vehicle.

Sure thing that the prospect of buying a new car that hasn’t been used before is great but it’s also true that pre-owned vehicles offer a better value.

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