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How To Reach Shirdi From Pune

Pune is the cultural hub of Maharashtra with its vivid crowd. Pune is a travel worthy destination with the ease of access, minimal distance between attractions, soothing landscape and amazing historical monuments. Pune is a whole new face of India thus there are lot of things to do.

At a distance of 180 km from Pune and 258 km from Mumbai, Shirdi is a small town situated in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. This is a holy place in India and also one of the famous pilgrimage places you must visit. It is also famous as the Land of Sai with the shrine of Shirdi Sai Baba, which is the only attraction for the devotees who visit this holy shrine. The best time to visit Shirdi is throughout the whole year but the peak season is from October to November and has a lot of tourist footfall.

With the Sri Sai Baba international airport visiting this little town, the best way to get to Shirdi is by flight. There are a lot of flights that run daily from Mumbai and Pune. By road, Shirdi it is considerably far from Mumbai and Pune. Though most of the road journey is on a highway the large stretch can be a little tiring.

The driving distance between Pune and Shirdi is 186 km approximately. While the aerial distance between the cities is 152 km. By Train the distance is around 228 Km.

How To Reach

There is 1 direct train from Pune to Shirdi. The minimum time a train takes to reach at the destination Pune is 6h 35m. As it is the cheapest way to reach Shirdi is to take train with train number 51033 from Pune to Shirdi. The fastest way to reach Shirdi from Pune takes you 3h 29m, which is to take a flight from Pune to Shirdi.

How To Reach By Flight

The most convenient way to reach this small city Shirdi is through boarding a flight. It would not be time consuming but can be a little expensive.

How To Reach By Train

There are so many direct trains between Pune and Shirdi. You can get a train with train number 51033 from Pune to Shirdi. The duration of this train journey is 6 hour 35 minutes. By train it would be the cheapest way to get at your destination without much hardship.

How To Reach By Bus

There is a direct bus between Pune and Shirdi. You can find State Transport Bus from Pune to Shirdi as it is easily accessible. The duration by bus is 5 hours approx. You can also drive yourself if you want to enjoy the road trip with scenic views and a lot of greenery. This journey would give you a break from your busy life.

Thus, it is really necessary to choose the best fit for mode of transport for your whole trip.