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Hotels in Nainital for Every Budget

If you are looking for the perfect budget-friendly getaway then Nainital is your shrine. Located in the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalayas, the town is famous for its natural attractions, well-suited weather all year round and multiple hill stations. With tourists flooding almost every time of the year, it is important for you to make the wisest and smart decision when it comes to hotels so that you can choose your ideal hotel at the best prices. From posh to cheap, we have got the hotel according to your needs.

Hotels like Country Inn, Maple Hermitage, Two chimneys by Pura Stays are some of the most practical stays in Nainital. They vary from being at distance of 8km to 2 km away from the city center according to the customer’s requirement. They turn out to be the perfect places to help you enjoy the peace and solace you wish to find. They come with facilities like pool, free Wifi, Air conditioning and Spa for optimum comfort. The hotels will cost around INR 4000-5000 for a two bedroom for a night.

If you have a much more lenient budget then hotels like Naina Retreat are perfect for you to experience the true heritage of Nainital and get your money’s worth. They are exceptional resorts which are only a km away from the city center. They do involve facilities like spa, pool etc. and also provides you with tongue smacking food and the facility of roaming around the roads of central Nainital and enjoy the beauty at its prime. They will cost you around INR 7000-8000 per night for two bedroom.

Again, different hotels are located according to your convenience to the city center, they provide you with parking space and spacious rooms, even though it lacks facilities like pool, spa etc. Giving you the most homely vibes, the view during sunrise turns out to be exquisite. Being pretty budget friendly if you are on a very tight budget or you prefer spending more on shopping and enjoying other activities than extravagantly spending money on hotels then places like Treebo lakeside inn, Shivab solace and Lake and woods are your perfect companion costing you around INR 1000- 3000.

Other than that, remember to have fun during your stay despite wherever you stay and enjoy whatever the city has to offer.