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5 Yummy Delicacies You Must Try At Imperfecto

Imperfecto is the perfect place for family outing or hanging out with friends. The moment you step in, your comfort zone starts right from food, drinksand live music.

Imperfecto, HauzKhas Village has an exceptionally large dining area, which is divided into two floors.One floor is for food and has a bar as well, while the other one is equipped with outdoor seating arrangements along with space for live performances. Talking about the ambience, it is designed in an amazing way with things like broken typewriter, rusty locks and keys, a broken sofa and other such things included in the décor and we must say that it is very unique in its way.

Apart from serving a wide range of tasty food, Imperfecto goes an extra mile when it comes to customer service.The staffs working over here are very polite and very quick in delivering the orders. There is extensive variety of food items along with hard and soft drinks. There are few delicacies here, which are a hot favourite among the regulars here. Check out the yummy delicacies that you should not miss out on tastingif you are visiting Imperfecto.

Grilled Prawns Skewer with Brava Sauce and Paprika Smoke

Grilled Prawns Skewer with Brava Sauce and Paprika Smokeis a special dish prepared by the most experienced chefs at Imperfecto. This non-veg delicacy is grilled at a certain temperature and served with Spanish brava sauce topping.

Imperfecto is the only place where you can find this particular item at a very reasonable rate. Don’t miss ordering this if you visit this restaurant.


MurgNawabi is not a new namefor many. When it comes to Imperfecto, this item will surely amaze you with its great taste. They use country chicken to prepare it and cook it in an earthen pot instead of the regular steel utensils. They follow the traditional recipe, which gives it the heavenly taste. The garnishing further adds to the appeal of MurgNawabi served here.

Fillet Fish in Charcoal with Vegetables and Pure Potatoes

Serving fish inMediterranean style along with fresh herbs is a unique idea,which you can experience only at Imperfecto. This particular delicacy is served to the customers with Spanish wine, which adds more charm to the dish. As the name suggests, it is prepared at low temperature using charcoal so that you can get the authentic taste of fish.

Penne Pasta with Butter Chicken

You all might have tasted pasta many times, but this Penne Pasta delicacy atImperfecto is certainly unique. The restaurant is known for its fun fusion foods and the above is one such preparation. Penne Pasta with Butter Chicken is a special dish discovered by Imperfecto. You would love to have the unique combination of pasta with chicken along with Indian spices.

Veg Kabab with Jalapeno and Spicy Hummus

Imperfecto is also good at preparing veg delicacies. They have come up with a unique way of serving Veg Kabab with Jalapeno along with Spicy Hummus, which is entirely new in its way. If you are running short of time and want to try something new, then there’s nothing better than this dish. It is the perfect food item to have with drinks and if you are with your gang then nothing can be better than this to start the evening with.

The next time when you visit Imperfecto don’t miss out on ordering these delicacies. Soon, you are sure to get back to the restaurant for more.